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The Meat Hook, Brooklyn, NY. Fall 2010

KUF/MOLD Istanbul,turkey. Winter 2010

Palate Reviews

Palate Reviews
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Scion presents:
An Exhibition Curated by Zio Fulcher

May 22 - June 12, 2010

If cooking is an art form, then food is the most common medium of artistic expression in the world. For the exhibition Palate, food takes its rightful place inside the gallery.

Featuring Original Works and Installations By:
Clare Crespo, Jeph Gurecka, Scott Hove, Tamara Kostianovsky, Alan Macdonald, James Reynolds, Martha Rich, and Jeff Vespa

plus the Candy Wrapper Museum, Vintage Cookbook Library and more.

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 | 7-10pm

Complimentary Valet & Open Bar


Scion Installation L.A.
3521 Helms Ave (at National)
Culver City, CA. 90232

Gallery Phone: 310.815.8840
Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 11 AM - 6 PM & by appointment

Second Coming, Rotterdam, Holland October 2009

Second Coming, Rotterdam,  Holland  October 2009
I will be doing a public sculpture in the Oud Charlois Neihborhood of Rotterdam, Holland in October 2009. Here are the details:

A site specific, cast concrete tree will be created in the city of Rotterdam, in the Oud Charlois neihborhood. This will be the second in a series of tree forms that cross international waters and are taken from one actual location and recreated in another. The first tree was created two years ago in Pennsylvania and titled G-N-R (Guns-N-Roses). The subject matter and actual tree form was taken from the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. While doing genealogy research of my Slovakian relatives I stumbled onto a tree while lost in the Tatra Mountains. I was pleased and humbled to run into a tree that had the American rock band Guns-N-Roses carved into it. I recreated the tree on the outskirts of a Slovakian steel town in rural Western Pennsylvania. The Slovakian tree form was not only recreated but also manipulated so that it shared a connection with its American counterpart, an actual tree in western Pennsylvania. (Please refer to photos) This type of juxtaposition not only symbolizes a bridging of cultures, but also transmutes to a loving embrace, an act of rapture, or a raucous dance sequence.

As I look out the windows of my studio in Brooklyn New York, I often look at three trees that line the gritty tattered industrial section of this culturally diverse neighborhood. One tree always stands out for me, its full of brilliance and vitality, but one side is worn and weathered and tarnished by the expressway traffic and grimy auto body and industrial pollution. Its beautiful, it has determination and fortitude, and I feel it will always be. This is the tree I want to symbolically uproot and take to Rotterdam. Its form, its energy and vitality will be transplanted amongst another culturally enriched and diverse neighborhood (Oud Charlois). My primary desire would be for the artificial tree to interact with a live tree from the Rotterdam neighborhood, but considering I do not know the area I’m dealing with makes me work with only generalities. First and foremost I would wish the cast tree to work with a live tree, if this is not possible the tree can also interact with the architecture of the area. The actual gesture and manipulation of the form will be determined when the actual location is found.

Upon arriving at the location, I will scout out places and discuss the possibilities with the curators in order to resolve the exact location. I anticipate three weeks for the development and production of the tree. I will take the production on my own, but completely encourage and welcome community support and interaction. There will be plenty of work from mixing concrete to pouring and trialing on to the understructure. Another community interface activity would be with the children of the neighborhood and adults to carve their names into the tree as one does with a live tree. The tree will patina and gets more beautiful and natural with age, until it no longer is a transplant but a member of the Oud Charlois landscape.

Jeph Gurecka

The name of the show is KUF/MOLD (kuf is Turkish for mold). Kuf/Mold is an exhibition of international artists. Disciplines range from painting, photography,sculpture, to video, performance and dance.
The upcoming and third phase of the show will be in Rotterdam, Holland. It will run from September 26 th. until October 24 th. The neighborhood in Rotterdam is called Oud Charlois.
The first name to be listed among the organizers of the show and the originators of the project is KOOH. The second group listed is to be Ivo Van Den Baar and the
City of Rotterdam and then, Lieve D'Hondt.
The name KOOH alludes to a political coop, used in reference to us pulling off large scale projects independently, as well as cooing as originally pertaining to the affection demonstrated between doves and pigeons, and used as a euphemism concerning people being affectionate with one another. KOOH is a non profit curatorial team comprised of Suzan Batu and Bill Doherty and rotating personnel on a location specific basis. The initial presentation of the show was in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey. It was also a parallel show to the Istanbul Biennial.
Gent, Belgium was where the second leg of Kuf/Mold took place in the fall of 2008. Kuf/Mold Gent came to fruition with the participation of de Centrale and the
Jan Colle Gallery.